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„As a director, I draw inspiration from a wide variety of genres, but the greatest influence by far has been science fiction. Like no other genre it offers a rich canvas for creating new worlds with unique, captivating visuals.“

– Amir Reichart –


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Regie: Amir Reichart

Die künstliche Intelligenz E.L.I. kontrolliert die geostationäre Raumstation GUARDIAN, die als Abschussrampe der OMEGA-Bombe dient, welche mit ihrer Sprengkraft den halben Planeten auslöschen kann.

Als E.L.I. aufgrund eines geheimen Befehls die Zündungssequenz
aktiviert, müssen die Techniker COLTON und BELL versuchen, E.L.I auszutricksen.

Was macht einen Menschen zum Menschen… was ist es, dass uns von immer intelligenter werdenden Maschinen unterscheidet…?

Dieser essenziell philosophischen Frage geht Regisseur Amir Reichart in seinem Science-Fiction-Kurzfilm „GUARDIAN“ nach.


What makes GUARDIAN such a special project for us is not just its story, but also the incredible trust and dedication our crew have given us along the way.  Everybody, without exception, went above and beyond anything we have ever seen in helping us realize our vision.

Our team of set builders alone worked countless days (and sleepless nights) on end to create an actual space station that provided us with the most amazing playground any filmmaker could ask for.


We want GUARDIAN to go toe-to-toe with blockbuster features, both in terms of storytelling and visuals. And while we made sure that every visual effects shot was done in service of the story, GUARDIAN’s ambitious premise meant we still had to push the limits of what was possible. 

That’s how we ended up with a total of over 350 VFX shots for 30 minutes of runtime which, proportionally, is on par with a fully financed sci-fi feature or high-end series.   


So far, our small but dedicated international VFX team has done an amazing job of laying the groundwork and completing a number of major tasks. We have completed a number of designs and 3D interiors, as well as 3D set extensions, character models and animations, match moving, compositing work, motion graphics, and many more. But there’s also a lot of work that still needs to be done. 

At our current pace, this would take about another three years. However, given the latest technological and geopolitical developments, the time for releasing GUARDIAN is now. With its timely premise, it sits right at the intersection of science and fiction and captures important issues our world is currently grappling with.   


We live in an era of technological change that’s transforming our society.  Much like the industrial revolution 200 years ago, where physical work was replaced by machine labor, our current digital revolution replaces human thought with artificial intelligence. 

With artificial intelligence likely reaching true consciousness at some point within our lifetime, the question is what exactly that consciousness will look like. Will it be cold and machine-like, or is there something inherent in complex cognitive structures that will transcend pure logic and give rise to true empathy and human-like emotions?

Embedded within this question is another, often overlooked one: Artificial Intelligence will not come into existence like organic life forms. Instead it will be consciously created. And that opens up a very disturbing thought: who should get to design and shape those intelligences, and whom can we really trust to have our best interests in mind?

With GUARDIAN, we’re trying to examine these questions through the lens of an action-thriller set in a chilling vision of our future. A future that is nearer than we might think.