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Offscreen -
the Series

Director: Carsten Vauth

Sila Sahin plays Sila Sahin in the role of her life. Sila loves the colour and stardom of the German glamour world in which she lives. Weddings, Instagram, dating, modelling, red carpets, shows, jet setting, and headline-making. But is the image we have of stars really authentic? Offscreen looks behind the scenes and shows that glamour doesn´t always shine.

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It’s not enough that her fiancé let her down before the wedding, now the press is also slaughtering the story of the “ex-gamer’s wife”. Career-wise it’s not really going well, despite the man Ralf Richter. But then a call comes from the station…

off screen at Offscreen

In Offscreen at OFFSCREEN we show the stars from the web series behind the camera.

An opportunity to get to know your favourites even more personally.

Ralf Richter

Ralf talks about actors, his role in offscreen and how it is to play himself.

Niklas Löffler

Niklas Löffler tells in an interview who Niklas is in OFFSCREEN and what he and the Niklas from the series have in common but also where the two differ. Furthermore, there are insights into the shooting of the series.

Offscreen The Series

Director: Carsten Vauth

Sila Sahin plays Sila Sahin – in the role of her life! Sila loves the colourful German celebrity world she lives in. Wedding, Instagram, Dates, Modeling, Red Carpets, Shows, Jet Set and Headlines!