10 Days to Die

Thriller/Drama, 90 min


Produziert von BUL in Australien.

Dieser Film ist fertiggestellt und zum Verleih freigegeben.
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When the young and beautiful Maddy McCarthy (Clare Bowen), star of Ray Abbott’s (Kevin Hides) theatrical production, has a breakdown that jeopardises the show, Ray turns to Zac Freeman (Jason Smith), his young ambitious publicist, to come up with a plan to save the show. With the help of Maddy’s friend and understudy Connie Burns (Natalie Blair) Zac kidnaps Maddy, and plays it as a publicity stunt. While Zac and Maddy hide out in an old secluded cabin deep in the woods, the press go crazy with speculation and gossip. But soon the plan begins to unravel and Maddy, Zac and Connie become pitched in a terrifying and bloody battle of survival. 

Regie: Casie Coddington, Elaine Niessner, Michael Sergi