Elaine Niessner

Elaine was born in 1984 in Friedrichshafen at the Lake of Constance in Southern Germany.

After her Abitur in 2003 she went on a "Work and Travel Holiday" to Australia and fell in love with the country and its people. After her time traveling Australia and some other places around the world, Elaine worked in different internships and started studying for her Bachelor of Engineering degree at the Stuttgart Media University. During semester holidays she started her professional career working in the film industry as a Boom Operator and Sound Engineer.

After receiving her B. Eng degree she decided to return to Australia for a Master's program. During her year at Bond University in Queensland, where she studied for a Master of Creative Arts degree, she directed several shorts and the feature film "10 Days to Die".

After returning to Germany, she decided to finish her Master of Arts degree, which she had begun before going to Australia. In July 2011 she handed in her Master Thesis on "International Co-Productions in the Feature Film Industry with Special Emphasis on Germany and Australia".

Tommy Niessner

As his younger sister Elaine, Tommy was born in Friedrichshafen in 1982.

After his Abitur, Tommy did his civil service and an internship in Hamburg for a post-production company.

He began his Bachelor of Arts degree in Munich, where he took courses in Filmmaking and Television during which he directed several short films. He finished his B.A. in 2007. His thesis "The Influence of Sound on the Cinematic Expression of the 1920s and 1930s, shown by the examples of 'Nosferatu' by F.W.Murnau and 'M' by F.Lang", was published in 2011.

Holding his Bachelor degree, Tommy worked for the Munich-based production company Preview Production, first as an intern, later as a producer/director for several TV documentaries. After experiencing work for a while, Tommy decided to pursue his academic career and started the Electronic Media Master program at the Stuttgart Media University.

During his Master course he directed the feature length historic drama "A.D. 235 - The Dying Frontier" and his graduate film "BEEF".