The struggle for social freedom of a society begins as a young woman realizes that tenacity, total commitment, plus enormous amounts of Beef-Burgers can topple any totalitarian regime.

A.D. 235 - The Dying Frontier

In A.D. 235, the fate of the Roman Empire will be decided at its Dying Frontier on the "Limes", the border to the Germanic territory. Emperor Alexander Severus and his mother, Julia Avita Mamaea travel to the border in order to make peace with the Germanic tribes, but treacherous forces under the leadership of two centurions object to their peaceful attitude...

Historic Drama, produced by the Stuttgart Media University in cooperation with the city of Schwäbisch-Gmünd. The DVD (incl English and Italian subtitles) is available through the film's website www.ad235derfilm.deby clicking "Jetzt DVD bestellen".


Trailer for the book "The True Story of Butterfish" by best-selling author Nick Earls, published in 2009 by Random House Australia.

Grafeneck - Emma Dapp, ein Opfer

Excerpts of the documentary "Grafeneck - Emma Dapp, ein Opfer" [Emma Dapp, a Victim]. The documentary portraits the life and death of Emma Dapp, one of the first victims of the NS Euthanesia, as remembered by her grandson. It is one episode of the documentary mini series "Grafeneck - Erinnern, Erzählen" [Grafeneck - Remembering and Recounting] on the early crimes of the NS regime at Grafeneck.