"God of Happiness" running at the 37th Filmfestival of Biberach.

November 6th and 7th at 5pm - Venus theater at Traumpalast Biberach.

Unfortunately all tickets are sold out but some last minute tickets will be available directly at the theater.

We are looking forward to the Biberach festival audience!


Meanwhile "The Run" will be screened at Aesthetica Film Festival in York on November 5th, 7th and 8th.

East End Film ...

... is a young and ambitious production company that specializes in international co-productions and is looking to extend its network of international partners.

The company was founded by the siblings Elaine and Tommy Niessner.
East End Film has several projects in its pipeline, above all the political satire "BEEF", of which a promotional short film was presented at the Short Film Corner in Cannes. This has led to a co-development agreement with Revelation Studios in Australia.

Besides commercial projects, East End Film also has several projects of social relevance in its slate, including the feature "Honeymun" (with Italian Director Salvatore Allocca) and the short-ficton "Der Ausflug / The Getaway", which is loosly based on the school shooting of Winnenden, near Stuttgart, in 2009. For this project, East End Film is working in close cooperation with the "Aktionsbündnis Winnenden", an organisation founded by the bereaved family members of the victims. "The Getaway" is currently in post-production and marks East End Film's first production.

Other projects in development are the mountaineering drama "Transit", the Kids-Feature "Jonas" and the Web Projekt "John Adrian".

You can have a closer look at the "Pipeline" and "Reference" projects on this website.