Adventure/Drama, 90 min


A friendship is tested by the hights of a Caucasian mountain and the quest for true love.


Daniel and Felix have been close friends since their childhood days. They live in Dresden during the 1970s, isolated in the GDR (German Democratic Republic). As teenagers, they both found their passion for mountaineering, but soon Daniel┬┤s passion grew bigger than Felix's.

As Felix meets the charming Marija, who is engaged to a soviet secret police officer, Felix convinces his old friend to travel to the isolated USSR to find his crush.

Together they fool the authorities to apply for a "Transit-Visa" which allows GDR-citizens to enter the USSR for 3 days.

Soon Ivan, Marija's finance, is being set on their tracks, as they have been mistaken for western spies. But the two friends can find a lead to Marija, as her uncle tells them that she has gone on a scientific excursion into the Caucasian Mountains. Here they encounter the wild but hospitable people called the "Swanetians". Meanwhile Ivan finds out, that Daniel and Felix are not spies, but they're rather after his future wife, which brings out all his rage and jealousy. Also Daniel and Felix get into a fight over how to continue their travels.

Right in the middle of a loud controversy between the two, Ivan captures them and arrests them on charges of alleged espinoage.

A brutal thunderstorm prevents Ivan from bringing his prisoners out of the Swanetian village. In the middle of the night a ragged figure enters the village and informs the villagers, that Marija and several other students got lost in the mountains during the thunderstorm.

In order to rescue Marija, Felix, Daniel and Ivan have to team up. After a breathtaking showdown on the mountain they finally save Marija, but Ivan falls off the ridge during the rescue attempt. Felix tries to save him, but Ivan dies in his arms.